Implant Retained Prosthesis

Implant Retained Prosthesis

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Implant retained prosthesis

Implant retained prosthesis


  1. Just want to know how much and how long is the duration of the process as well as the healing. Thanks

    • Hi Richard! If you have been wearing dentures for some time now, bone grafting is definitely needed in order for the bone to be enhanced and receive the implants. Grafting takes about 6-8 months to heal while the integration of implant to the bone takes about 6 months (grafting first then implant placement). Hope this information helped you

  2. nikko bustos

    how much will it cost to have an implant retained prosthesis as shown in the picture?

  3. Jennifer Vicente

    Mgkanu po magpabunot?at anung araw kau open?

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